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Current Book Projects

Please see below.

Book Concept:

Book Title: We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight, Vol 2


We Walk By Faith, Not By Sight, Vol 2 takes you on the  journey of real life lessons,  obstacles, think tank processes, disappointments, and the victories of 8 successful Christian leaders who navigated their careers in uncompromising ways while maintain who they are. You will learn power moves on how to handle challenging situations. You will learn how they maintained their faith through their journey.  Be prepared to be swept off your feet with their stories and inspired by their commitment to self and their faith.


We want to be intentional about asking women I know if they know anyone who would be a great fit. If you or know anyone who this may be a good fit for, please talk to them first to see if they are interested. If you are interested, we would love for you to join us. This is going to people we know and have a relationship with. Again, referrals are something we always trusted but please ensure they know all the details first.   All the information is on this link.


Each Author Gets:


  • Bragging rights as a published author

  • 2 Digital Marketing pieces to promote the book as your own

  • Online distribution of the book through Amazon and other book retailers

  • Ability to sell the book as her own individually to recoup the original investment

    • The book will resale for $14.95. If you sale 16 copies you can recoup your investment.

  • Ability to increase reach by directly connecting to the audiences of your co-authors

  • 100% rights to content you submit


What is Required:


  • Chapter – 4,500 words (roughly 8-9 pages)

  • Answering Writing Prompts (posted below)

  • 250-word bio

  • Professional head shot

  • Being open to being interviewed. We want to do a creative video piece to this project as well.



Writing Prompts (Printed in Q&A Interview Format):


In today’s environment, being a Christian and a professional woman can be challenging for an array of reasons. This book is about learning from Christian women how they have navigated various situations and the advice they would share.


  • How has being a faith-based leader impacted your career?

  • Did you ever feel uncomfortable or scared to share that you are a faith-based leader? If so, how did you overcome this?

  • How do you include your faith in your decision-making?

  • Share a situation where you had to navigate a sensitive situation that challenged your faith in the workplace or with a client. What did you do?

  • How do you work with people who don’t share your belief system? What are your best practices.

  • Has your faith ever been challenged by your peers? If, so how did you handle it?

  • How did you stay motivated in a season where patience, faith and trust had to be exercised?

  • What scriptures, books or resources do you recommend using as a faith-based leader?

  • Any last thoughts?



What You Should Know:


  • We will manage the book project via a Facebook group

  • Once author registration is closed, you will be added to the private group where all project communication will take place.

  • Questions will be printed in the book, so simply answer them in your own voice.

  • Your chapter will be edited, and you will have the opportunity to review suggested edits before submitting your final chapter.

  • This book does not split royalties (because it won’t be set up to do so) and we share in detail here: However, we will show you have to make income from the sales of your book.



Please feel free to share with women you feel would be open to this type of project.


Investment - $197



The question that we are asked the most is whether editing is included. Yes, we have a great editor on our team who will edit your chapter. 


Purchasing books are optional for co-authors. You will be able to order them at wholesale. They are generally $4-$5 depending on the size of the size of the book. You are not required to purchase any books.


In the publishing industry, a group book is a shared cost amongst all the authors. When the book is placed on Amazon, they don’t share who sold books, so it is challenging to split costs. At this time we do not split royalties. We have published over 130 groups books, and authors have used their book as a marketing tool for when they speak, they had groups purchase them, they had their own audience purchase them, and that is normally how they generate compensation. It has always worked well. We provide a book marketing suggestion list for each author going forward. Our core company is UImpact and we specialize in marketing development. So we ensure that you equipped with book marketing suggestions.


Nothing :) This process is designed to be simple, easy, and fun.

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