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Working with Kimberly and Mandy has been a true joy! The process of writing my first book seemed daunting to me but then I was introduced to Ulmpact Publishing Group and it changed my life! I have now completed 3 books with them and I am working on my fourth. They communicate often, the cost is very affordable and the delivery is perfect! I HIGHLY recommend this team to help you bring your words to life! They are truly Heaven sent!

Liz Brewer

Liz Brewer Connections

Lisa Scola - me4.jpg

As far as my experience with you all, I have enjoyed it immensely.  This was my first solo book and I have been so nervous! Best first experience I could ask for and I will definitely be telling everyone!!

Lisa Scola

Success with Scola

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There is no group of women who are easier to work with than those at UImpact and UImpact Publishing Group. They care about us personally and even pray for their authors. The fact that life can throw many curves, it is not everyone who will want the best for their writers and understand that life happens, even to them. Mandy, Kimberly, Adorah, and Kathalyn have been angels to work with. These books I will be in coming out soon in the series, In Her Shoes, will make six times I have worked with them. I love the way the books turn out and my personal book, It Takes Courage To Be A Caregiver, is a hit from the moment that someone sees the cover!  Thanks to all of you for the extremely good care you take of your authors!

Cheryl Ginnings

Cheryl Ginnings Consulting                                            


Working with UImpact Publishing, specifically Mandy and Adorah, was always positive and encouraging. Professionalism, courtesy, kindness, and grace were consistently exuded. They believed in us, our project and did all they could to help us move our project to completion. Our book wasn't just another project for them, we weren't an interruption to their day. We, the authors and our book, were the reason for their day. They rejoiced with us every step along the way and celebrated our success as we reached the Best Seller list.

Regina Rowley
I Am Priceless


A bucket list item of mine was to publish a book. I've started and stopped for years on several projects, and when I learned about a compiled book it seemed like the right path for me. Get a collective group together, let's write a book to help people and voila! The book idea was a go. That was the easy part. The hard part was handled by Mandy. The whole team made it really easy for me, especially when I hit some speed bumps along the way. They were patient, informative, and it made it a wonderful experience! I would recommend doing a compiled book with UImpact Publishing if you're on the fence or wondering whether you can publish a can! If you have an amazing publisher. I'm now more motivated than ever to write my solo book!

Myaann Payne


I wanted to find a publisher/editor I could trust above all. I was in the middle of searching for a publisher, when one day, I had a customer come in with her daughter to purchase a bridal gown. The mother told me she had just published her first book.  This is how I found UImpact Publishing. Without their expert knowledge and patience along with their expert staff, my book publishing would not have been such a great experience. I have since signed on for several more books to be published. After all the attention to detail and professionalism needed, I highly recommend UImpact Publishing Group for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable way to self-publish. 

Angela Campbell

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I have had the pleasure of working with Mandy Simmons for the last 2 years on 5 books. She truly has been the most patient with my never ending requests and she has been so gentle in helping me grow in this process. I never thought I would be able to write and be an author. While there is so much I can say about the process that just exceeded my expectations, one thing I can share is that I felt cared for. There were times I wanted to rush ahead and Mandy gently coached me to understanding the process and how to stair step each thing. My books consistently sell out in my country. I will only use them!

Maria Hernandez

Life Coach


Dreams really do come true! Because of UImpact Publishing Group’s mission to alleviate barriers in the publishing world, they seamlessly made my dream to become a published author a reality. The professionalism, integrity, and personal care they implemented in my book project was immaculate. Thank you, Kimberly Pitts and Mandy Simmons, for your amazing brilliance, skill, and dedication which was instrumental in bringing my vision to life.

I would definitely partner with UImpact Publishing Group again – and again!

Holly Feeney

Gale Gillespie.PNG

My experience with UImpact Publishing Group with the book group was nothing short of a miracle from God!  First of all, everyone on the UImpact publishing team is awesome. I am so thankful for each of them. They all are so encouraging.  Secondly, the book release has changed my life and has given me a greater platform for marketplace ministry. I have had family, friends, colleagues and long-lost acquaintances tell me they were inspired by the book. Lastly, our first women's retreat was birthed out of the book. The interview opportunity with the book has just opened doors for bringing God's words of hope and healing to women all over our nation, and on Oct 13-16 in Santa Fe, NM, we are beginning the first of many gatherings of women of faith.

Gale Gillespie

Gale Gillespie Ministries


For the last few months I have been working with UImpact Publishing Group on my first effort as the compiler of a book.  I will admit that the experience has been marvelous.  They take you through each step of the publishing process and take away the worry.  Mandy Simmons was always available to answer my questions and she provided them with a fast turnaround.  The final product is amazing and I am so glad that I chose this publishing group to work with. 

Alexis M. Scott

Founder AMS Academic Solutions


Kimberly’s staff was amazing to work with to say the least. They always met their deadlines and when they asked me for information it was always concise and took me no time at all to get it to them. I have always heard that doing a book can be a nightmare but I can honestly say UImpact’s process was not disruptive at all to my current business.

Deb Cantrell

Executive Chef / Owner - Savory Culinary Services

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Partnering with UImpact Publishing Group has been an amazing first class experience! Kimberly Pitts & Melva Torres are pros at what they do! Their marketing ideas from design, formatting, editing and marketing materials will put your book on the Best sellers list! I would highly recommend partnering with UImpact Publishing Group to publish your book!

Melynda Lilly

Executive Consultant


You all were awesome! I learned so much through this process. I appreciate you all working with me. 

Nickquolette Barrett

Career Development & LinkedIn Strategist

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When you speak things into existence you never know who will impact you along the way. My book publishing journey with UImpact Publishing was inspiring,smooth, and  a true blessing. The team was professional and each step was clearly communicated. My book stands out and I am proud of the quality. What a great experience for my first book!

Theresa Braddy,MRC, LPC


Mandy at UImpact Publishing Group was great to work with. Writing my first book, I did not know what to expect. She made multiple cover designs. We took one of those and modified it a bit. Then when we went to publish it, her editing skills were accurate and timely. I would definitely recommend her and UImpact Publishing Group to anyone thinking of writing a book!

Kevin Carroll

Idaho River Realty

Misty Duckworth.jpg

I have always thought about writing a book, but the thought was so overwhelming that I didn't move forward. The UImpact Publishing Group team quickly expelled those overwhelming thoughts. Being a new author, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. They made the process so easy. I almost thought it was too easy, and that there would be some hurdle I would have to jump. Not with this team. They were so pleasant and supportive through all the changes (and I had quite a few :). I will publish many more books with UImpact Publishing. This is just the beginning. 

Misty Duckworth

Founder of Lifestyle 360


Working with the Behind Her Brand team was a dream experience - and the easiest collaboration I've ever had the privilege of being part of. They were organized, conscientious, and incredibly communicative. I'd work with them again in a heartbeat! HUGE thank you to both Kimberly and Melva for everything! This entire BHB publishing process was fun, empowering and delightful!

Jacqueline Rimmer

Branding Specialist + Web Designer

JCR Studios


Kimberly, you and the wonderful women at UImpact Publishing Group taught me so much, gave me confidence to do what God has gifted me to do, and made the publishing experience wonderful. Thank you, dear ones, and God bless you richly!

Dana Gailey

Filled With His Love


What a wonderful organization that I have grown to love. I was introduced to UImpact Publishing Group when asked to write a chapter in BHB Christian Edition. I have since wrote another book “The Healing Process” that is dear to my heart and I knew that UImpact Publishing Group would be the team that would deliver it the way that I envisioned. Their professionalism, dedication to detail and experts that make up this company is a Class Act. UImpact Publishing Group is punctual and committed to customer satisfaction. It was no second thought given who would publish and bring my book into fruition. Thank you for your hard work and amazing team.

Pastor Rich Etta Weathersbee

Breaking of Bread Church


It was amazing working with the talented Kimberly DeShields-Spencer and her staff. Through her expertise as a publisher, my co-authored book Behind Her Brand made the best seller list on Amazon in two days. 

Jody Harris

Founder/CEO , Zipped Me


I have been so impressed with Kimberly DeShields-Spencer and her team through the entire launching process of my book. I wish everything I did with all my marketing was that easy. It has been a wonderful experience and would totally use her again. I wish everyone I worked with in business had her integrity and special energy!

Yvonne George
Live Your Sparkle


Kimberly and Mandy!


I just wanted to email and thank you both. I cannot thank you enough for working with me on Delicate Matters of the Heart! This whole process ran so smoothly and went by so quick. You both have worked so hard to ensure that this book turned out exactly how I wanted it, and I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out. I enjoyed working with you and will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is also looking to publish.


Thank you, once again!!! I’m so happy and excited, I could cry and I probably will when it’s all said and done. I appreciate you both more than you know. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! And I will be on the lookout for and willing to apply any other advice you send my direction.

Mickalya Aline

Dawn Moore Pic.jpeg

The professionalism and encouragement I received as a new author was mind-blowing.  The mere fact I was not on a path to becoming an author this process feel easy and seamless.  That is exactly what I received. Kimberly was kind and from the moment I met her I knew my book would be home with Uimpact Publishing.  Mandy’s response time via email was impeccable along with her extreme patience with my all over the approach to the project allowed me to push the vision out.  I am now a sophomore author with additional projects pending.  This is a safe space to create and be heard in the publishing world.  I love them!

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